PPS is a partnership of Deerfield Public School District 109 administrators, teachers and parents dedicated to providing education communication and support to families of children with a wide range or needs.  

Whether you're at the beginning of your special education journey or are a seasoned pro, PPS wants to make your experience as positive as possible. 



PPS offers programs and workshops to help parents of students in DPS 109 navigate the student services system.  These events are wonderful opportunities to connect with others who may have shared experiences.


This website is filled with many useful resources and information, including community resources that can help.  It also provides an opportunity for you to directly share feedback and have your voice be heard in DPS 109.


PPS is here for you.  Our parent mentors are DPS 109 parents of children with a wide range of needs.  Any family who would like further inforamtion or needs support can contact one of these parent mentors via this website.

Allison Orlinsky: Co-President, Wilmot Parent

Amy Carletti: Co-President, South Park Parent

Joanna Ford: PPS Coordinator, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services

Kat Armstrong: District 109 Early Childhood Education Teacher

Laura Ashman: Shepard Instructional Assistant

Allyson Baisden: District Coordinator for Student Services - Shepard, Walden and Kipling

Gretchen Belmonti: Shepard Parent

Kimmy Bielawa: Walden Special Education Teacher, Wilmot parent

Laurel Chaffin: Caruso Special Education Teacher

Alison Chroman: District Social and Emotional Coach

Amy Cutler: Wilmot Parent

Nikki Eddy: Wilmot Special Education Teacher

Marcie Faust: South Park Co-Principal

Jessi Feld: South Park STC Teacher

Lisa Jungman: South Park Parent

Alison Lambert: Walden parent

Deirdre OShea: Wilmot parent

Faith Polovin: Shepard parent

Sarah Rose: Assistant Director for Student Services

Heather Santella: Assistant Principal, Wilmot

Jocelyn Weiner: Wilmot and Caruso parent


Susan Hans, PPS consultant, NSSED Parent Mentor

PPS Board

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PPS and DPS 109 value what you have to say.

Please either email PPS at pps109.org@gmail.com or use this form to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and feedback, which PPS will also share with DPS 109.

This is a “virtual suggestion box”- if you’d like to speak directly to someone from the district, please don’t hesitate to contact your school’s student services coordinator.

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